About Us

Sheria Leo is an open access platform where law students, lawyers, advocates and other relevant stakeholders in the legal profession can share their ideas in form of legal publications and information pieces among each other and to the general public. It is an intellects syndication stage on matters of the law.

The main objective of Sheria Leo is to essentially guarantee accessible legal information and access to justice through the publications and legal aid respectively.


The platform publishes original but peer reviewed legal research papers, opinions, commentaries etc. obtained from the relevant stakeholders in the legal profession before being made available online to members of the public.

Sheria Leo through its editors and peer reviewers reviews the submitted content and may offer useful insight and recommendations where appropriate.

While Sheria Leo retains the right to publish the aforementioned content, the copyrights remain with the individual authors or content creators.  

Legal Aid

Sheria Leo also mobilizes law students, lawyers and advocates in order to offer assistance to people who are unable to afford legal services. Sheria Leo partners with various institutions including but not limited to Law Firms, Law Schools and NGOs in this quest.

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